Strengthening participatory practice with children and young people affected by sexual violence


Our Voices is a programme of work coordinated by the International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire. 

Our Voices promotes the involvement of children and young people affected by sexual violence in research, policy and practice.

Latest News: New participation activity to help young people talk about about sensitive topics

Posted: Fri Apr, 2018

Author: Claire Cody

Our latest participation tool is a dice activity to help young people to talk about sensitive topics by creating case studies of young people’s journey’s following sexual abuse through a ‘third person’ lens. 

Within this activity, participants are asked to draw on their experiences to consider how a fictional child or young person might experience support for mental health and emotional well-being needs following sexual abuse. Creating an initial medium for engagement that is removed from their personal experiences, it also offers a gentler route in for participants to engage in personal reflection about these sensitive and potentially traumatic issues should they wish to do so. 

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